Independent designer & illustrator, translating brands & ideas into a charactaristic language.

Branding & identity

Handdrawn & digital illustrations

Webdesign & animation

Animated website for KDC

Illustration & animation

Otemba Sake

Branding & illustration

Mural illustrations in Middelkerke


Gluren bij de buren Festival

Branding & illustration

Into The Woods Festival

Design & illustration

Embracing various styles & techniques to create a unique identity for every kind of project.


Iconic and charactaristic illustrations for branding and websites like Universiteit Utrecht.


Handdrawn illustrations for a natural art style on walls or branding like Otemba and Middelkerke.

Motion design for animations and interactive websites like Kennermeduin.

My latest work on Instagram


As a freelance designer I like to make information easier to understand with illustrative design. As an illustrator I like to get inspired by natural surroundings to create mystic collages.

(+31) 06 139 15 402

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